Getting Started in Paddlesports

Have you just got into paddlesports? Seen other people out on the water and want to give it a go? There are plenty of ways to start your adventure in on Ireland’s waterways, paddlesports are also one of the most accessible forms of exercise for those with additional needs. Get Ireland Paddling is your one stop for all the information you need to start getting out on the water in the safest and most enjoyable way. Where to get training? What equipment you need? The best safety advice? Every bit of information you need is available here. Search our registered paddling activity locations, find accessible locations for those with special needs to enjoy paddlesports, and check out our affiliated equipment retailers for the best equipment to start your paddlesports journey. Even find paddlesports clubs around the country to join the fantastic community. Happy paddling!

Stand Up Paddle is a fun and easy way to get out on the water. If you get a beginners board it is super easy to get started and out paddling. All you need is a board with an appropriate leash, a paddle and a buoyancy aid. Better again, get some training and get some great skills early on.

In a kayak you sit down with a double ended paddle. They come in many shapes and sizes – sit on tops, river kayaks, sea kayaks, and kayaks for every discipline of paddlesports. Always wear a buoyancy aid, never go out alone, and make sure you have a method to call for help.

Canoes are a big open topped boat. They are great for families or people looking to get on the water with some friends. In a canoe you kneel in the boat with a single bladed paddle. They require more skill to paddle so getting some training can make them much more fun