With the governmnet plan for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic shifting towards a widespread easing of all restrictions, we are updating our Paddlesports specific guidelines for engaging in any activity on the water. The new guidelines will see a return to near full activity, with guidance on how to do so while prioritising the health of all involved. At all times during the return to large scale activity we must do all we can to minimise any health risks.

The latest COVID guidelines effective from 20th September are –

  • No limit to number of participants for outdoor events. Never paddle alone
  • Use of indoor changing facilities is permitted depending on vaccination status. Pod systems where required

As with all paddlesports activity please ensure to adhere to all Canoeing Ireland safety guidelines when getting out on the water.

For further detail on the September updates to the restrictions and what they mean for paddlesports, please see our Return to Paddling document –

Please refrain from any paddling activity if you are awaiting results of a COVID test, or have have any associated symptoms. If you have symptoms please consult your Doctor.

If you require any further clarification on this document, or have any specific query on paddlesport activity around these restrictions, please contact Canoeing Ireland.